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Zubee Coins Via Porky Points

You might have noticed some sites that give a way porky points, Also You would have noticed that porky points gives away zubee coins..

You can use this connection in many sites that give away porky points and convert them to zubee coins..

There are quite a few sites that give away porky points the best ones are listed below..

No 1 Site:


Is a traffic exchange, there is a red balloon floating while you surf all you need to do is click them to blow them and you will receive porky points and credits.. You can surf like 100 and get about 500 porky point enough to get all three coins for 50 days. lol..

Not bad eh!!

No 2 Site:


This ones a Mailer, All you need to do is click  20 email a day (24 hour) and you will get 50 porky points enough for 3-4 days coins , Not that bad but the No1 TE is easier..

There are so many other sites that give out porky points that you can collect after collecting all the zubee coins ofc ( ha ha)

A Few Pointers..

You just cant open a porky point account, you need to get your first porky point to get a link to register for..

When you register please use the same username to other porky point sites, thats how they locate your account in the system..

Normally when you get your first porky point you either get a link to register or insert your porky point username. After you set it up its just accumulates automatically.

If you have any problems, Its best to open support tickets and inquire from the site you get porky points. Normally a response takes 24 hours to come through..

There you go,,

An easy way to get all 3 coins daily..  Hope you enjoyed and use the tips..