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Add on to open emails faster

This was a Tip from a serious Mailer User,  Not In our Team, but have been a good friend of mine over the internet since 2009.

There is an add-on where you can right click and drag to select multiple links and open them at once..

This is obviously an add-on to your Browser, Both FireFox and Google Chrome Got them.. Not really sure of other browsers like Opera, Do a search, I’s sure you will find one..

The FireFox Addon is Called ” Multi Links Plus” , You can add it from below link..

I have personally tested it and It works like a charm..


The Google Counter Part is Called  “LinkClump” So search it add it..  Works the same way..

All you need to do after adding it is,  right click hold it and draw a square over the links you want to open and release..

Woooolaaahh , the links will open in new tabs.. or windows which ever the way you set it up in setting of the addon..

Here is a screen shot..


Try it out, and let us know how it worked out for you..

Most Mailers have limits on how many links that can be opened at once. So be aware of how many for each mailer. I used to right click and open 5-6 at a time, but this thing allows me to click on that TE that I surf while doing the mailers a bit more frequently..  If you are doing the zubee mailers I rekon this will save you at least 10-15 mins or maybe even more if you a frantic clicker like me.. ha ha ha ha lol..

More Tips and Tricks to Come..