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Getting you Profile Picture in ZubeeZone

As you might have noticed zubeezone has profile pictures but no where to upload them or link to them..

We get lots of msgs asking us how to get them up..

ZubeeZone uses Gravatar to manage their profile pictures..

Gravator is short for Globally Recognized Avatar..

So all you need to do is use an email you use to zubeezone and these sites to open a Gravator Account and upload a picture there..

Getting a Gravator account is self explanatory, but if you have problems please do contact anyone who has a profile picture and they will help you to figure it out..

The Advantage for the program is that they don’t need to host profile pictures of every member in their servers.. Just in case there a thousands of people that adds up and takes alot of space..

The Advantage for the user is that you just upload your profile picture to one place and everywhere they use Gravator your don’t need to upload again and again..


So open one today and let us see you.. :)..


Happy Zubee Hunting ladies & Gentleman..