Privacy Policy

Privacy of our team mates are at utmost importance to us. This statement will detail the privacy policies we follow in our team site to safeguard our members privacy and the security of our site.

The information we collect from our members

When you register an account here in our site, we collect your personal information, This is to validate that your are a real person and one of our team members.  We collect your first and last name and your email address.

Our plugins also track IP addresses, browser’s details, country and time of entry to our site of each visits whether it is a registered member or some one else or any other automated generated visits.

The plugins also might use cookies, to store your data in your computer, so that your next visit is faster and give you a better experience according to your preferences.

We do not require you submit any other information and or liable for any information you post in our posts or comments or any other editable area in our site.

We have a mechanism you can use to delete all the information you have submitted at any point of time.

We have no view of you password in use but only can reset it from the options provided by our data management tool/plugin.

Our policy on information

We do not or will not share our members names or email addresses with any 3rd party.

We will not use your details to promote or solicitation of  any 3rd party offers, promotions or any other links or websites.

Ideally the only information your should get with regard to our site is your registration process..  We may send you an email to confirm or validate your information if there is any issue with regard to your registration or your account.

All necessary security measures are in place to safeguard your information stored in our databases.

The site has links that directs you to other sites, this privacy statement is only valid for this website.

We may change- update this statement according to our information practices to give you the best experience.

Contact details you can use to report any infringements or issues are as follows..

Email address:

Telephone:  +94 777 808765

Mailing address: 425, Colombo Road, Seeduwa, Sri Lanka 11410