Jubilant June Contests

A. No competition for places

B. No cap on no. of winners

C. Prizes as per various zubee slab achievements.

The higher slabs you reach ,the bigger the prize amount

Slab           Zubee Collected              Gift Zubee

Slab 1             500,000                               1500

Slab 2             750,000                               3000

Slab 3          1,000,000                               5000

Slab 4          1,500,000                               7500

Slab 5          2,000,000                             10000

Slab 6          2,500,000                             15000

Slab 7          5,000,000                             20000

Slab 8          7,500,000                             50000

Slab 9        10,000,000                           100000

Slab 10      12,500,000                           150000


A)I will be taking the finally tally from the scores in team tally sheet

B)Members joining the team after 20th will not be considered for this contest

All the winners of the contest will get the gift zubees credited by the end of 1st week of July.

I will be the publishing the regular update soon the contest from time to time

Regards and happy zubee hunting


Referral Contest

Hi Friends

Just refer minimum 5 active members to our team this month and win prizes.

For every 5 members referred to our team and who are active till the end of 1st week of July get 10,000 zubees by 10th July in your zubee account.

Just PM me the member you want to refer or ask the person to apply to join our team.

At the end of the month ,that is, 30th June ,do remember to message me the user name of the member who joins via your reference so that i can cross validate the data.



1 Day Spot Contests

A 1 -Day spot contest -> to be launched somewhere in middle or near end of the month.

Details will be rolled out on the spot contest day . So Looking forward towards an action packed June.


Sizzling May Contest Results


The Winner is “Ana Cristina” a.k.a. “atinareis” Huge Congrats to her !!

Rank    Zubee Username    Name           Zubee Gift Amount

1               atinareis       AnaCristina          100000

2                  relu27             Relu                  50000

3                  bakoc          blagoje                25000

4                   shkte            Shiva                  20000

5             rasika84           Rasika                 15000

6                zooam           germain                10000

7                Surfor       Andrzej Kozak           7500

8              deepses            feride                    5000

9         cat170551         catherine                  3000

10           bodinho        Jefferson                   1500

Also overall 79 members clocked over 250,000 zubees for the month.

The 4 randomly drawn winners amongst them who get the prize of 500 zubee apiece are:

Zubee user name      name        Gift Zubees

1.help4others          Billie             500

2.Audioman             Boris             500

3.crisa4u       Cristina Mrejeriu    500

4.dumbblond     Carol Busby        500

Congrats to all the winners of our first ever team monthly contest.

Special appreciation to Subash who voluntarily decided to opt out of this contest and has been a mainstay of our team since inception in September ’15. Also appreciate the active participation of all team mebers.

Looking forward to your continued support as we look forward to some exciting developments ahead in June and Yes a “New Contest” in store.

You have sent 500 Zubees to dumbblond!

You have sent 500 Zubees to crisa4u!

You have sent 500 Zubees to Audioman!

You have sent 500 Zubees to help4others!

You have sent 1500 Zubees to bodinho!

You have sent 3000 Zubees to cat170551!

You have sent 5000 Zubees to deepses!

You have sent 7500 Zubees to Surfor!

You have sent 10000 Zubees to zooam!

You have sent 15000 Zubees to rasika84!

You have sent 20000 Zubees to shkte!

You have sent 25000 Zubees to bakoc!

You have sent 50000 Zubees to relu27!

You have sent 100000 Zubees to atinareis!