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Basically it is a blog that our users can guest post. You can send your reviews, Your Strategies, Your income proofs etc.. anything goes as long as it related material. We hope you read our users posts here and gain much knowledge. Plus Its a great place for you to get some back links for your websites and more..

Are you buying Bonuses Using Your Zubees???

Marketplace in zubeezone is something every one of us visit once in a while.. If you are really into your zubee collecting, You would have calculated that the best long term way to get the best out of the bonuses is to maintain a certain average and spike it up according to the extra collections you are going to do on particular dates.. If you are buying potions to increase your bonus rates or flags for the team, this might help you to get something extra from your purchase..

Let’s just take the two types of bonuses you can buy from the market place to increase your bonus %..

These are of two types..

  1. Personal bonus increase ( Potions as we know it)
  2. Team bonus increase ( Flags as we know it)

Here’s something most of you wouldn’t have noticed before if you buy these from your zubees..

Did you notice

#1  The zubee cost is equal right across the board when you compare anything on the market..

So it doesn’t matter what you buy the cost of zubees to the $$ ratio remains the same..

#2  The Reward if you buy something from your PayPal, is 5% for every $5 for 10 days..


So if you are wise, you will plan your purchases by first withdrawing the zubees to cash on a Friday.. and then buying the % from PayPal to get to the extra 5% for 10 days.. :)..

or you would buy directly from PayPal if you have cash in the processor and reimburse it on a Friday with your zubees.. So it might pay to keep $10-$20 in your PayPal just in case you want to buy a potion or flag in mid week..


Only at Ajay’s Schools Surfing Team.. :)..

Hope this post makes a bit of difference in your purchase habits next time in zubeezone..

This probably wouldn’t work for the ones that costs less than $5 because that purchases don’t count for the support reward.. So potions that are $5 and more or Flags would get you this extra bonus..

Potions are very tricky if you don’t know what you are doing and you might loose more than you collect…

I do not recommend buying potions to people who don’t collect more than 100,000 zubees a day..

So the Next post I’m working on is an break even analysis on that… :)..

Happy Zubee Huntings!!  😉 Huntingsss ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

Birthday Calendar

Wish You a Very Happy Birthday from our Team

Getting you Profile Picture in ZubeeZone

As you might have noticed zubeezone has profile pictures but no where to upload them or link to them..

We get lots of msgs asking us how to get them up..

ZubeeZone uses Gravatar to manage their profile pictures..

Gravator is short for Globally Recognized Avatar..

So all you need to do is use an email you use to zubeezone and these sites to open a Gravator Account and upload a picture there..

Getting a Gravator account is self explanatory, but if you have problems please do contact anyone who has a profile picture and they will help you to figure it out..

The Advantage for the program is that they don’t need to host profile pictures of every member in their servers.. Just in case there a thousands of people that adds up and takes alot of space..

The Advantage for the user is that you just upload your profile picture to one place and everywhere they use Gravator your don’t need to upload again and again..


So open one today and let us see you.. :)..


Happy Zubee Hunting ladies & Gentleman..


How to Plan to get to Top 100 in Zubeezone

Getting to the top 100 was a milestone for me and I would like to share how I went on with it..

Its not easy, obviously only the first 100 who collects the most zubees are in the top 100..

however, you can use these pointers to plan your strategy to get there..  Goals are a big part of succeeding in any venture and maybe you should set a goal and achieve it. We all know, that zubeezone pays every Friday, so your work is rewarded here..

What I do is..

I go to the leaderboard…  and go to the 100th position and see how many he/she has collected during the last 90 days ( Quarter)   Divide the total by 90 and i come up with my minimum collection requirement..

For example:

Currently the top 100 see below..  see how much the 100th position has collected screenshot_9

The 100th position has collected 6,053,763 to be there..  So I divide that by 90..  and come up with..  67,264 daily requirement to be there..

Obviously, I collect a bit more than that everyday…  just to be safe.. and we all know all you need to do is the login list and the easy coins and the mailers to go over 50,000..   the next 20,000 is the extra work.. You can use the bonus caches to make it easier..  everyday..  the more coins you collect the more bonuse caches you get..

So as always, your bonus % helps you alot and the best way to do that is maintain a certain % over time..

We have some blog post in our information room, with regard to bonus planing

The Main Points are

  1.  Consistency ~ you need to collects in a consistent manner for the best collection.
  2.  Bonus Planing ~  Its more profitable to maintain a certain bonus level throughout. in the long run..


You can go to our team and see what we give to our first 100.. 🙂  Please do redeem them and get the best out of being in our team  @ Ajay’s Old School Surfing Team & Proving Grounds.


When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached,
don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.


















How to extend a 3 day claim Bonus to 4 days.

We all know that planning your claim bonuses can increase your overall zubee collection immensely..  A part of managing your claim bonus is timing, and thats whats explained in this short but very important Strategy..

You already know that saving your prize caches for days you are going to surf more is an integral part of a serious zubee collector..  This is common and cane be used for other ways you get bonus as well..  Like the Team Bonuses ( weekly, monthly, quarterly), Mystery Prizes, Awards, Dancers and even Trophies.

Timing them is something you will need to be aware of becauseextending of the benefits it bring..

The idea here is simple..

Lets just say you collect you prize caches for the weekend.. and you plan to redeem them on Friday.. and enjoy them till Sunday..

The strategy is to wait until its late on Friday to redeem your caches. Until that you can surf the dancers or surf the sites and mailers that don’t require you to collect the coins as you surf..  Lets just say you surf everyday from 5p.m to 10.p.m.

So you start surfing at 5.p.m as normal but do not collect the coins as yet until lets say around 8.p.m.

@ 8.p.m. you redeem your dancers & caches and increase your bonus to maximum level and start collecting the coins that your surfed up-to that.. 2 hours is more than enough to do all the easy coins and the login coins and  sites that gives you the silver for less than 15 clicks..   Our 20,000 zubee in 30 mins program teaches you how to do that..

TOP TIP: Its wiser to first collect the silver’s and redeem the caches prizes and then collect the Gold and then the Diamonds.. ( This way you get the bonus on larger coins scaled rates that gets you more zubees)

The advantage is that the bonuses you get will be active until 8 p.m the preceding days and until your 4th day on Monday as well.

If you redeemed them @ 5 pm at the start on Friday all of them would have expired by the time you start the next day and you wont have a chance to use them on Monday..

So next time think about the timing of your redeeming  caches to maximize your collection for the days you are most active..

HINT:  You can use the browser add-on explained in our blog post here to redeem large number of caches faster..





















Add on to open emails faster

This was a Tip from a serious Mailer User,  Not In our Team, but have been a good friend of mine over the internet since 2009.

There is an add-on where you can right click and drag to select multiple links and open them at once..

This is obviously an add-on to your Browser, Both FireFox and Google Chrome Got them.. Not really sure of other browsers like Opera, Do a search, I’s sure you will find one..

The FireFox Addon is Called ” Multi Links Plus” , You can add it from below link..

I have personally tested it and It works like a charm..


The Google Counter Part is Called  “LinkClump” So search it add it..  Works the same way..

All you need to do after adding it is,  right click hold it and draw a square over the links you want to open and release..

Woooolaaahh , the links will open in new tabs.. or windows which ever the way you set it up in setting of the addon..

Here is a screen shot..


Try it out, and let us know how it worked out for you..

Most Mailers have limits on how many links that can be opened at once. So be aware of how many for each mailer. I used to right click and open 5-6 at a time, but this thing allows me to click on that TE that I surf while doing the mailers a bit more frequently..  If you are doing the zubee mailers I rekon this will save you at least 10-15 mins or maybe even more if you a frantic clicker like me.. ha ha ha ha lol..

More Tips and Tricks to Come..


Zubee Coins Via Porky Points

You might have noticed some sites that give a way porky points, Also You would have noticed that porky points gives away zubee coins..

You can use this connection in many sites that give away porky points and convert them to zubee coins..

There are quite a few sites that give away porky points the best ones are listed below..

No 1 Site:


Is a traffic exchange, there is a red balloon floating while you surf all you need to do is click them to blow them and you will receive porky points and credits.. You can surf like 100 and get about 500 porky point enough to get all three coins for 50 days. lol..

Not bad eh!!

No 2 Site:


This ones a Mailer, All you need to do is click  20 email a day (24 hour) and you will get 50 porky points enough for 3-4 days coins , Not that bad but the No1 TE is easier..

There are so many other sites that give out porky points that you can collect after collecting all the zubee coins ofc ( ha ha)

A Few Pointers..

You just cant open a porky point account, you need to get your first porky point to get a link to register for..

When you register please use the same username to other porky point sites, thats how they locate your account in the system..

Normally when you get your first porky point you either get a link to register or insert your porky point username. After you set it up its just accumulates automatically.

If you have any problems, Its best to open support tickets and inquire from the site you get porky points. Normally a response takes 24 hours to come through..

There you go,,

An easy way to get all 3 coins daily..  Hope you enjoyed and use the tips..


















20,000 Zubees in 30 mins ~ With Proof


So you’ve done all that is said in our Tutorials and want to know how to get 20,000 zubees in 30 mins.  Its too easy to collect at least 10,000 zubees a day so we are starting here..  If you have been collecting less than 20,000 zubees a day, you are not doing it right, and leaving stuff on the table and not making the most of it.

So here’s what you need to realize first, There are easy sites, a bit of work sites and  a lot of work sites.  So obviously you should start from the easy ones and move on to do the harder ones first.. Or  do the complete reversal and do some harder ones while doing the easy ones as you go. It’s totally up to you.

 The most important thing here is to develop your zubee routine.. Forget about how much you are making and concentrate on it as its the best way of doing it as you get bored.. In life people tend to do that quite a lot, Just get passed this stage as fast as you can and Target your daily collection requirement. You will get enough motivation when you get that first payment trust me. lol.

Back to the Topic..

Here’s how you can get to 20,000 zubees a day faster..  We will assume your bonus rate is at least 100%, which is easy to maintain if you are active in zubeezone, when active I mean you collect them everyday..

Step 1

Go to our Site List and select ” Login 4 Silver List ”  These will be the easiest zubees you get and currently there are 50-51 sites that give out a Silver Zubee just for login. You will have to sign up for them obviously if you don’t have account in each of them.

Signing up, doesn’t take much time at all, and maybe less than a minute.. Just have your email open to receive the activation email and you will have the coin on your first day and every consecutive day after for a few seconds of your time.. It all adds up and will be only a one off set up.

So thats, around 12,500 zubees up for grabs everyday just for login for sites. Plus you get bonus credits in most of these sites when you complete their login ad.. Plus your bonus rates are going be higher this way as you get more mystery prizes when you collect more coins from each sites, Plus you can get to the coin collection rewards faster.. See the Trophies list explained for more details. It’s always better to collect more coins rather than few diamonds. Plus its actually quicker to get to 12,500 zubees this way rather than clicking to get 12 diamond coins.


You can use the same username for everything and even the password. The most you are going to loose is credits.. Make sure you don’t use the same password in any payment processors you use and better differentiate your email you use to sign up for programs and your other private or Payment Processor emails… 

Step 2

There are currently 3 blogs 1 forum and 1 Mailer that gives away Gold for free and 1 Traffic Exchange that gives a diamond for voting.

They all are listed in Tutorial 1  here.

Do them all and you will end up collecting more than 20,000 zubees in a very short time of 30 mins..

The first day will suck if you want to register for all those sites in one go. So I suggest to add 2 sites or 5 sites a day. Until you add them all to your routine.

Once you get used to the routine, It will be easier and faster. I take leas than 30 mins to get to this..

You can of course take out and add any other sites you prefer to your routine. This is only one way of doing it..

Plus you can always multi-task and and work in multiple sites at once..

You can load 4 sites easily and collect login coins easily..

See the video how to read 10 emails and collect all 3 coins in less than 2 mins..

I love Mailers.. They are the easiest coins to get and serves the best traffic to convert into sales.

So there you go, 20,000 coins in less than 30 mins..

Here’s another way of looking at to 20,000 zubees..

20,000 zubees  means with 100%   is 80 Silver Coins..

20,000 zubees means with 100% is 40 Gold Coins..

20,000 zubees means with 100% is 20 coins

Or any combination in between that makes sense to you. some people prefer Mailers.. Some prefer Traffic Exchange’s..  We all love the free blogs and forums of course.. Make life easier..

Important, When you see a site giving out Free zubees just give back in return for their gesture, Click around their site, see what they promote. Participate.. This will help them to increase their income and give us more zubees.. 😉

Always be on the look out or easy zubees.. Follow Ajay in zubeeZone for new site announcements..

What does this mean for the Team

If 100 people collect 20,000 zubees a day we collect 2,000,000 zubees a day as a team.

We have more than 300.. That’s easily 6 million zubees a day.. and thats how we get to #1 Spot in ZubeeZone..

It takes only 30 mins..

So lets do it..

Here are the videos that shows this is possible..

Video proof 1

Video Proof 2

Zubee Coins Explained!

Zubeezone.com is part of the wider Conquest Marketing portfolio of sites geared to facilitate Internet Marketing around the Traffic Generation Niche. It is headed by an experienced John Bell.

In this particular site the ideology is quite simple, website owners can give out rewards in the form of coins to users who finish a certain action inside the site. This can be surfing a number of sites or going to webpage or even a simple thing as login everyday.

 There are Three types of coins available in the system.

As you can see The silver gives you 125 zubees The Gold 500 and the Diamond 1000.

Although this is the main way to accumulate zubees there are many other ways you can collect or increase your zubee gains.

1) Emerald Hunter Game

2) Treasure Hunter Game

3) Bonus rewards % received by collecting.

4) Bonus % won being in a Team.

5) Bonus zubees & % & $$ won during Prize Cache when Claiming Coins.

6) Prizes in Contest posted by website owners.

7) Team Contest Prizes.

8) Some mailing Lists give you zubees for joining their list.

9) Even Some Forums posts Zubees once in while.

10) Mystery prizes and in site Trophies and Awards.


Website owners buy zubee packages that they can give away in the form of coins and place them in the site after a member does a certain task.

As a user or a collector all you need to do is do the task assigned and get your coin.

When you get your coin, you will get bonus zubees as per your Bonus rate achieved at the time of collection..

For example: If your bonus rate is 100%

for every Silver coin you will get 125 + 125(bonus) = 500 zubees..

for every Gold coin you will get 500 + 500(bonus) = 1000 zubees.

for every Diamond you will get 1000 + 1000 (bonus) =2000 zubees.

Your bonus rates doesn’t get added when you collect zubees any other way.

Every Friday is PayDay in the zubee World. unless Armageddon.

You need to convert your collected zubees in the marketplace in the current rate to be able to be paid….

Its Simple as that.. Nothing too complicated or missed..

Your Strategy is to then, increase your bonus rates as you can and we at Ajay’s team have a lot there to teach you and thats a different Post.. Lets just say we have some of the best zubee collectors around. We know how to do it more efficiently only to collect more..

Here’s a list of related topics on that for you to Read next.